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In terms, emotion (TR:54) (LH:4) (TL:58) refers to []


The following are quotes:

“In my opinion, it is easier to use, not the Gibbs [free energy], but the negative of the Gibbs, because we do not want the potential energy, which has to be a minimum, to be stable, and the energy of physics corresponds to an emotion of attraction, which is ‘love’, for example. And love is not a negative sign, love is positive. The negative Gibbs function [Negative dG.png] is the measure of the general happiness of a society. And this has to be at a maximum in order to produce a stable society.”
Jurgen Mimkes (2016), “On Goethe’s Elective Affinities and Empedocles’ On Nature”, Jul 22[1]

End matter


  1. Mimkes, Jurgen. (2020). “On Goethe’s Elective Affinities and Empedocles’ On Nature” (interviewer: Libb Thims) (YT) (12:30-13:28), Human Chemistry, Jul 22.

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