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In existographies, Emile Clapeyron (156-91 BE) (1799-1864 ACM) (IQ:155|#780↑) (PR:6,068|65AE / physicist:144) (CR:71) (LH:4) (TL:75|#145) was a French physicist and mining engineer, noted for []


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Clapeyron represented the Carnot cycle in terms of a Watt indicator diagram; the familiar form that it assumes in the introductory pages of all modern textbooks on thermodynamics. How Clapeyron came to know about the indicator diagram is an intriguing and, at present, unsolved problem in the history of science. The secret was very closely guarded by Boulton and Watt; so well in fact that was not until 1826 that a well-informed engineer like John Farey first saw an indicator diagram being taken in Russia, and in this way learned of the principle.”
Donald Cardwell (1971), From Watt to Clausius (pg. 220) [1]

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  1. Cardwell, Donald. (1971). From Watt to Clausius: the Rise of Thermodynamics in the Early Industrial Age (pgs. 220-22). Cornell University Press.

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