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In occupations, economist (LH:1) refers to one who works in the field of economics.


The following are the top 20 economists, according to Pantheon’s HPI ranking (PR), as of 2020 (65AE):[1]

# Person HPI Physics Country
Karl Marx 93.23 Yes German
Adam Smith 91.58 Yes
John Keynes 85.97
Thomas Malthus 84.00
John Mill 83.59 Yes
David Ricardo
Milton Friedman
Friedrich Hayek
Vilfredo Pareto Yes French-born Italian
Joseph Schumpeter Yes
Alfred Marshall Yes
Francois Quesnay Yes
Hjalmar Schacht
Ludwig Mises
John Law Scottish
Philip Kotler American
Paul Samuelson Yes American
Jean Say Yes[2] French
Henri Fayol
Barack Obama Sr.

End matter


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