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In existographies, Dorothy Murdock (5-60 AE) (1960-2015 ACM) (IQ:160|#708) (RGM:800|1,350+) (FA:200) (RMS:109) (CR:81) (LH:2) (TL:83), aka “Acharya S” (pen name), D.M. Murdock, or "Dori" (to friends), was an American autodidactic independent religio-mythology scholar, noted for []


In 1995, Murdock launched, wherein she began to make her views public.

Three of her noted books include: The Christ Conspiracy (1999), Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha, and Christ Unveiled (2004), and Christ in Egypt (2009).


In 2007, Peter Joseph released Zeitgeist, a viral Internet documentary, the first part of which being on Christ myth, the content of which being largely based on the work of Murdock, who was the main consultant in this part of the film.


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The following are quotes by Murdock:

“Older religio-mythology books, from longer ago, have the most interesting research, as compared to modern books, which are very sanitized and the products of fairly dull thinking. The older books, from before the WWII era, from the late 18th century until that era, in English, were extremely well-written, the English was very well thought out and taught. The education was obviously superior.”
— Dorothy Murdock (c.1998), interview (4:12-43) [1]

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  1. Murdock, Dorothy. (c.1998). “Interview: Awake in Our Mythology: the Christ Conspiracy” (YT); Shadow Walker, Apr 6

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