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A 2019 reddit r/Jokes post titled: How do "stars" die?, which, when clicked on (thinking it is about solar stars, such as the sun or Sirius), leads to the punchline: "usually through an overdoes!", the joke being that public "stars", e.g. rock stars or movie stars, are, presumably, "alive" and can "die", whereas, in respect to solar stars, which are not "alive" nor "die" (aside from the "heat death" postulate of things), and that it is only a "figure of speech", when we tell children that someday the sun will die?[1]

In terminology, die (TR:12) (LH:10) (TL:22), or “died”, refers to []


Terminology reform

See main: Life terminology reform

The defunct term “die”, or “died” or “death”, in respect to terminology reform [2], has few historical alternative physico-chemically neutral term synonym usage employments; the following are known:

In 66AE, Thims began to employ the term "destate" in replacement of "die".


The following are related quotes:

“There is neither birth nor death for any mortal, but only a combination and separation of that which was combined, and this is what amongst laymen they call ‘birth’ and ‘death’. Only infants or short-sighted persons imagine any thing is ‘born’ which did not exist before, or that any thing can ‘die’ or parish totally.”
Empedocles (c.450BC), Fragment I21 / DK8 + Fragment I23 / DK11; cited by Baron Holbach in The System of Nature (pg. 27); cited by cited by Alfred Lotka (1925) in Elements of Physical Biology (pg. 185, 246)
“What good did it do Epicurus to maintain that there is no providence; or Empedocles to teach atheism (see: atheism professor); or Socrates to swear by the dog, and the goose, and the plane-tree, and Aesculapius struck by lightning, and the demons whom he invoked? And why did he willingly die? What reward, or of what kind, did he expect to receive after death?”
Theophilus (c.170AD), “Letter to Autolycus” [5]
“If you’re not alive, you cannot die.” / “You can’t die if you’re not alive.”
Libb Thims (2014), reverberating mental note, as a way to succinctly capture the direct implications of the “life does not exist” purview; triggered into documentation phase, via dialogue in the Jabr thread, 4:51PM CST, Oct 23
“If we’re alive we die, [if] we’re not [we don’t].”
Patrick Fergus (2015), an Atheism Reviews video; in: Best of Pat Fergus (28:28); made shortly before he met his own reaction end
“When you die, you turn into an ‘angel’ with very pretty wings, and god is a boy with a nice white shirt.”
— Girl #5 (2016), “Video of Kids aged 4 and 5 who were asked: What Happens When You Die? For Dying Matters Awareness Week” (1:21-1:40), Keech Hospice Care, Luton, England [6]
“We all have to die [de-exist] sometime. We ‘become’, as Heraclitus famously said, we ‘unbecome’. Such is the nature of the ‘change’ of the dynamics of the universe.”
— Libb Thims (2019), mental note reflection on first person, e.g. Ram Poudel, to make comment on public HCT health issues section, Jan 2

End matter

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