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In terms, determinism (TR:246) (LH:12) (TL:258), from determine-, meaning "term marked off" + -ism, meaning "doctrine", refers to []


The following are quotes:

“The greatest minds in history. My big influences are in the top 2000 list: Goethe (my strongest influence), Newton, Einstein, Leonardo Vinci, and Libb Thims. Thims has influenced me in my: atheism, my determinism; I became interested in thermodynamics; I discovered the work of Goethe; my understanding of intelligence changed; in my work ethic (work hard, study hard, don’t waste your time; in unlearning the idea that I am alive. Nothing is. I learned about Beckhap's law, the influence of latitudes on the intellect, the way in which books and the search for self-taught knowledge can change the entropy of the body.”
— Zadquel Lugo (66AE), Tweet, May 4[1]

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  1. Lugo, Zadquel. (66AE). “Tweet”, May 4.

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