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In terms, destate (LH:#), from de- meaning "to reverse; do the opposite of"[1] + -state meaning "form of atoms in a given set of conditions, e.g. temperature, pressure, and volume", means to come out of a bound state existence; a shortened form of "deboundstated" (Thims, 2017); destate is a physico-chemically neutral synonym to "die", just as destated is de-anthropomorphized neutral synonym to "died".


In 2017, Libb Thims, in various Hmolpedia articles, began using the term "deboundstated", as alternative to "dereacted", itself formerly employed as a physico-chemically neutral upgrade to "died".


The following are quotes:

“I don’t want to deboundstate without doing the derivation.”
Libb Thims (2017), personal note, 12:53PM CST Jul 30
“Need to get book done, before I ‘de-state’ [die].”
Libb Thims (66AE), mental note, arisen while driving, written on yellow note pad, Mar 28

End matter


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