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In theories, defunct theory of life (TR:309) (LH:11) (TL:320|#107) is the view or conclusion that "life", scientifically, is a defunct theory (Thims, 2009).


In 1925, Alfred Lotka, in his Elements of Physical Biology, chapter "Regarding Definitions", classified all attempts to defined life via physics or chemistry as "scientific Jabberwocky", and predicted that in the future of "exact science", life, as a concept, would become superfluous.

In 2008, Michael Brooks, in his 13 Things That Don't Make Sense, classified "life" as the fifth greatest thing in modern science that does not make sense.[1]

In 2009, Libb Thims, in the Journal of Human Thermodynamics article "Life: a Defunct Scientific Theory", classified life as a "defunct scientific theory".[2]


The following are quotes:

“Arrogance like Eddington, despite his achievements, are the cause as to why people like Thims fall from one position to another lower position. First, Thims argued that life is a defunct theory to justify the application of classical version of the second law of thermodynamics to living systems, ignoring statistical thermodynamics. Then to justify ‘life is a defunct theory’ he argues that his actions and behavior or not ‘self-controlled’ or ‘self-driven’, but are governed by external electromagnetic forces. Arrogance leads to ignorance and scientific blindness as we noted from the example of Eddington and Nobel laureate Chandra Sekhar. Thims’ science is laced with extreme atheism and materialism and hence his precarious position. Science needs to be kept at equal distance and away from both atheism and theism. I can’t stop but laugh at myself when I think that I am ‘not alive’ or I am not moving myself.”
DMR Sekhar (2011), Consciousness, Entropy, and Evolution: the Laws of Biology (pg. 2) [3]

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