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A Haiku Deck image of the definition defunct as a thing “no longer operational, dead”.[1] The term "dead", of note, itself, is classified as defunct terminology, per reason that physics and chemistry do not recognized life or death (Sherrington, 1938).

In terms, defunct terminology (LH:2) refers to words, terms, names, or classifications that have lost their ability to function or perform, particularly in respect to modern science and the know-how of the operation of the universe. Defunct terminology, often times, refers to terms that have been identified as "anthropisms", which sciences desires to rid itself of (Sherrington, 1938). Terms that have become non-functional or at odds with existing knowledge; terms that lead to objectionable nonsense (Einstein, 1932) or scientific Jabberwocky (Lotka, 1925).


The following are quotes:

“If these terms: ‘unit-mass of living matter’, ‘resultant of organic forces’, ‘continuity of organic substance’, etc., biologists have adopted from physics, are used figuratively, we ought to find them re-defined.”
Karl Pearson (1892), Grammar of Science (§9.1: The Relation of Biology to Physics, pgs. 328-31) [2]
Science desires to rid itself of ‘anthropisms’ as unnecessary.”
Charles Sherrington (1938), Man on His Nature (pg. 260) [3]
Aristotle noted of life that its lower limit defies demarcation. The living and non-living, he thought, merge one in the other gradually. Today the very distinction between them is convention. That deletes ‘life’ as a scientific category; or, if you will, carries it down to embrace the atom. The vanishing point of life is lost.”
Charles Sherrington (1938), Man on His Nature (pg. 266) [3]

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