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A generic image of a person making a decision, or "choice" between alternatives.

In terms, decision (LH:1) refers to []


The following are related quotes:

“To search for isomorphisms between social phenomena and physical phenomena is indeed an interesting idea. The real question, however, is whether or not it is a rewarding idea. It is interesting to suppose that there may be entities, social values, which play in social experience the same roles played by different forms of physical energy … But it is hard for me to sense how one can usefully assign quantitative measures to any significantly wide range of “values” in the social field. And when you link together such things as meaning, feeling, authority, and decision-making, this sounds to me like a very heterogeneous mixture.”
Warren Weaver (1953), “Letter to John Q. Stewart” (on why he “decided” to cancel funding for social physics at Princeton) [1]
“Why did I decide to help you out? ‘Why’ is a big word. Why do we decide for one thing and for against another? It doesn’t seem logical that we could base our actions upon a perception of causal eternal links, so that instead I would act on an intuitive feeling I possess. Perhaps everything in my life has boiled down to this one moment of making this decision? And so I’m part of this puzzle, one that I can’t influence, or even understand?”
— Jantje Friese (2017), Dark (character: H.G. Tannhaus (adult)) (S1E10: Alpha and Omega) (20:11-21:02) (coauthor: Ronny Schalk; producer: Baran Odar)

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    (b) Stewart-Weaver fallout – Hmolpedia 2020.

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