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An overview of DTA, formula: C14H10S2, a laboratory synthesized, 3-element bipedal molecule, that can be induced, by either heat or an electric charge, to walk along a copper surface.

In terms, DTA (TR:5) (LH:2) (TL:7), formula: C14H10S2, name: 9,10-dithioanthracene[1], is synthetic 3-element bipedal animate molecule, that can be induced to move along a copper surface, type: Cu(111), when cooled down to -223°C, powered via heat or induced to move by the lure of the tip of charged scanning tunneling microscope.


In 2004, Ludwig Bartels, and his University of California, Riverside research group, used a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to investigate the diffusion of small molecules upon a CU(111) surface, during which 9,10-Dithioanthracene (DTA) was found to migrate linearly in fashion reminiscent of a bipedal ‘passing leg’ gait.[2] The following is the basic animation state:

DTA gif 138H.gif

It has a hydrocarbon body and silicon-based legs (SH).


The following are quotes:

“We are NOT in agreement. The terms “life”, “biological”, “biosphere”, are all meaningless. Science is very specific. According to your definition (life = structure with metabolism), then, one would conclude that a [synthetic] ‘walking molecule’ is alive. Is the walking molecule DTA (9,10-dithioanthracene) alive? Yes or No? What about the two-legged motile protein ‘kinesin’ (Ѻ) that walks along microtubules carrying loads to destinations, being powered by ATP. (Ѻ) Kinesin is a small 6-element molecule, with molecular formula of about C400H620N100O120P50S20, that walks, carries things, and has a metabolism. Kinesin is like a little human. Do you think that kinesin is alive? Certainly not. It is simply an animate molecule, just like you or I. The problem with the calling some "thing" alive is that it implies perpetual motion of both the first and second kind.” (DTA), that can walk in a straight line on a flat surface, like a little person.”
Libb Thims (2010), “Origin of Life Debate with Georgi Gladyshev”, (post #9), Dec 6 [3]

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