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In religio-mythology, creation myth (TR:15) refers mythologies which explain the origin of the universe or world via the method of "creation" by a god or gods. The dominate creation myths of the world associated with the Nile River, Egypt, first and foremost, the roots of which having produced the fundamental principles behind 75-percent of the modern religions of the world; the Tigris-Euphrates River, in Mesopotamia, which has cultural overlap connection to the Nile River mythos, but whose details are lacking; and the Yellow River, China, which accounts for about 10-percent of the worlds religious beliefs.


Nile | Based

The following are the Nile river based creation myths, showing the eight main “recensions”[1] that occurred over the centuries, as the religious power centers shifted over the centuries; the main or chief "supreme god"[2] is shown for each redacted myth version:

0. Pre-Dynastic creation myth | 3500BC | Supreme god: Horus
  1. Heliopolis | Heliopolis creation myth | 3100BC | Supreme god: Atum, Ra, or Atum-Ra
Atum or Atum-Khepri (Pyramid Texts, 2500BC)
Atum-Ra (Coffin Texts, 2100BC) / Ennead
2. Memphis | Memphis creation myth[3] | 2800BC | Supreme god: Ptah
3. Hermopolis | Hermopolis creation myth[4] | 2400 BC | Supreme god: Thoth + Ogdoad
4. Thebes | Thebian creation myth | 2050 BC | Supreme god: Amen, or Amen-Ra
5. Amarna | Amarnan creation myth | 1300BC | Supreme god: Aten (theorist: Akhenaten)
Post-Atenism recension | 1100BC | Supreme god: Horus-Set / Osiris-Ra / Osiris
6. Saite recension | 670BC | Book of Dead (canonized)
7. Alexandria | Alexandrian recension | Zeus-Amen | 300BC
8. Biblical creation myth | 200BC | Supreme god: Abraham / Moses / El-Yahweh-Amen
9. Roman recension | 200AD | Supreme god: Jesus
10. Muslim creation myth | 700AD | Supreme god: Allah

The two main religious centers, over the course of the 3,100-year Egyptian dynasty, were Heliopolis and Memphis, as judged by the dominance of their influence, and by the colleges of those cities the Greeks travelled abroad to study at. The oldest god of Egypt is Horus. Horus and Ra were the to dominate gods of the Egyptian pantheon, over the millennia; Horus, however, judging by his influence at the beginning and end of the dynasty may have wielded greater overall influence, in sum.

Tigris river | Based


Yellow river | Based



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