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A basic definition of "clayical theology", the study of humans created from clay, by a sun god, e.g. Ptah, Yahweh, Allah, etc., or a sun god offspring, e.g. Khnum or Ninti.[1]

In religio-mythology, clayical theology (LH:2) is an ology wherein a sun god creates humans from clay.[2]


Modern religions, over 75 percent of them, believe that humans were made from clay, according to the clay creation myth.[2]

In 1925, Alfred Lotka, in his Elements of Physical Biology, listed the then-known elemental composition of humans, wherein he pointed out that humans were not made of aluminum, the main element of clay, which to note is a poison to humans, and therein debunked the clay creation myth, and hence disproved the existence of god.[3]

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