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In existographies, Cicero (2061-1998 BE) (106-43 BCM) (IQ:180|#103) (Cardano 12:53) (Cattell 1000:15) (RGM:101|1,350+) (PR:119|65AE / politician:25) (Becker 139:105|3L) (Stokes 100:13) (GPhE:#) (CR:204) (LH:11) (TL:215|#42) was Roman philosopher and politician, noted for []


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The following are quotes on Cicero:

Cicero provided the ‘renaissance’ with its prime methods of philosophical dialogue, and its fullest knowledge about the ancient philosophical schools.”
Michel Montaigne (c.1580), Publication

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“When the heart has been plucked out of a living creature, it pulsates with such rapid movement as to resemble a flickering flame. Therefore, every living thing, be it animal or vegetable, lives because of the heat enclosed within it. This forces us to the conclusion that the element heat possesses within it a life-sustaining force which extends throughout the whole universe.”
— Cicero (45BC), On the Nature of the Gods (2.24) (character: Stoic Balbus) [1]

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  1. Cicero. (45BC). The Nature of the Gods (Introduction, translation, and notes: Patrick Walsh). Oxford, 2008.

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