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In existographies, Christopher Hitchens (6 BE-56 AE) (1949-2011 ACM) (IQ:170|#392) (RGM:765|1,350+) (FA:215) (RGA:8|375+) (CR:67) (LH:2) (TL:69) was an English-born American writer, political and literature commentator, and anti-theism atheist; noted for []


Quotes | On

The following are quotes on Hitchens:

“It’s a great honor to share this stage with Dan, Richard, Ayaan, Lawrence, and so many other exceptional people here. I’d like to take a moment to just acknowledge the ‘void’ that is left in the death of our friend Hitch. The man had more wit and style and substance than a few civilizations I could name.”
Sam Harris (2012), “Talk at Celebration of Reason”, Global Atheist Convention, Apr 13-15 [1]

Quotes | By

The following are quotes by Hitchens:

“On the point of morality, my brother has written very well, in England and elsewhere, about the awful ‘nihilism’ and ‘relativism’ that has poisoned so much of our social and national and collective life. Now, I have, perhaps, more agreement with him on this than he understands. But, to say that this is to be equated with atheism, is simply to misunderstand what nihilism and relativism mean.”
— Christopher Hitchens (2008), “Christopher Hitches vs Peter Hitchens: on Iraq War and Religion” (1:02:45-3:18), Apr 3 [2]
“You find me a state or society that threw off theocracy and threw off religion and said we adopt the teachings of Lucretius and Democritus and Galileo and Spinoza and Darwin and Russell and Jefferson and Thomas Paine, and we make those what we teach our children. We make that scientific and rational humanism our teaching. You find me that state, that did that, and fell into tyranny, and slavery, and famine, and torture, and then we’ll be on a level playing field.”
— Christopher Hitchens (2008), “Christopher Hitches vs Peter Hitchens: on Iraq War and Religion” (quote, 1:46:14-46:48; response to audience question: ‘how can you defend atheism?’), Apr 3 [2]


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