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The 2016 Christian Mythology: for Kids, written by Chrystine Trooien[1], an American atheist mother who funded the book via a 17K USD Kickstarter[2], so to have a book for her children that explains Christianity as mythology, namely the creation story, Noah’s flood, baby Moses, Jonah and the whale, birth of Jesus, raising of Lazarus, themed on Joseph Campbell’s model that “mythology is what we call someone else’s religion”.[3]

In mythology, Christian mythology (CR:25) (LH:4) (TL:29) refers to []


The following are related quotes:

Christian mythology: god, by an inconceivable act of his omnipotence, created the universe out of nothing [Ex nihilo nihil fit, was considered as an axiom by ancient philosophers. The creation, as admitted by Christians of the present day, i.e. the education [induction] of all thing from nothing, is a theological invention not indeed of very remote date. The word Barah, which is used in Genesis, signifies to tempest, arrange, to dispose matter already existing]. He made the earth for the residence of man, whom he created in his own image. Scarcely had this man, the prime object of the labours of the almighty, seen the light, when his creator set a snare for him, into which god undoubtedly knew that he must fall. A serpent which speaks, seduces a woman, who is no way surprised at this phenomenon. Being persuaded by the serpent, she solicits her husband to eat of a fruit forbidden by god himself. Adam, the father of the human race, by this light fault draws upon himself and his innocent posterity innumerable evils, which are followed but not terminated by death. By the offense of only one man the whole human race incurs the wrath of god; and they are at length punished for involuntary faults with an universal deluge. God repents haying peopled the earth, and he finds it easier to drown and destroy the human race, than to change their hearts.”
Baron Holbach (1770), Ecce Homo: a Critical Inquiry into the History of Jesus (pg. 325)[4]
Christian mythology has five deities: there is god the father, god the son, god the holy ghost, god the providence, and the goddess nature.”
Thomas Paine (1795), Age of Reason (pg. 45)[5]


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