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In occupations, chemist (LH:1) refers to someone who works in the field of chemistry.


The following are the top 20 chemists, according to Pantheon’s historical popularity index (HPI) ranking (PR), as of 2020 (65AE):[1]

# Person Country
Louis Pasteur French
Alfred Nobel Swedish
Dmitri Mendeleev Russian
Antoine Lavoisier French
John Dalton English
Robert Boyle English
Geber Arabian
Jacob Berzelius Swedish
Amedeo Avogadro
Linus Pauling
Svante Arrhenius
Fritz Haber
Carl Scheele
Jacobus Hoff
Irene Curie
Friedrich Wohler
Wilhelm Ostwald
Otto Hahn
Humphry Davy
Julius Meyer

End matter

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