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An image of a "form" or plastic shell of Rodin's "thinker" being filled with elements, to illustrate a human as being carbon-based or "carbon-based form", or "carbon-based life form" (in defunct speak).[1]

In terms, carbon-based (LH:#) refers to things made of carbon; in the 20th century, humans were being referred to has "carbon-based" things.


In the 1960s, people began using the phrase “carbon-based life” as compared to “silicon-based life”, when theorizing about possible “life” on other planets, i.e. extraterrestrial life.

In c.1980, Arthur Clarke, in his essay "Greetings, Carbon-based Biped", was referring to people as "carbon-based bipeds"; the following is a representative image:[2]

Carbon-based biped.png

In 1990s, the term "carbon-based life form" began to become popular.

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