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Cover of zoologist Bill Schutt's 2018 Cannibalism: a Perfectly Natural History, wherein he discusses the ubiquitous phenomena of "cannibalism", of species eating their own species, throughout nature, from tadpoles devouring their siblings, to the Donner Party--the most infamous episode of cannibalism in American history.

In terms, cannibalism (LH:#) is the phenomena of species eating the flesh of their own species.


The following are quotes:

“In mammals, filial cannibalism has been reported in rodents (like voles, mice, and wood rats), and lagomorphs (rabbits and their relatives), as well as shrews, moles, and hedgehogs. These mammal moms sometimes eat their young to reduce litter size during periods when food is scarce. Cannibalism also occurs when litter size exceeds the number of available teats or when pups are deformed, weak, or dead.”
— Bill Schutt (2018), Cannibalism: a Perfectly Natural History (pg. 24) [1]

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