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In dating system, common era (LH:2) abbreviated “CE”, as compared to “before common era” (BCE), refers to a secular--style type of notation for dating Dionysian years (AD/BC), without reference to direct reference to any "Christ" [BC] or "Lord" (Domini) [AD].


In 340BE [+1615], Johannes Kepler, in his Mathematical Pastoral Chronology , dated a title page of a book as “year of common people” or “annus aerae nostrae vulgaris” (Latin), the term “nostrae vulgaris” meaning “our common people”.[1]

In 247BE [+1708], the term “common era” (CE) was being used in English publications, instead of “Anno Domini” (AD).[2]

In 165BE [+1790] [5000 RK], John Stewart, in his Moral State of Nations, via his "Stewartian calendar" used the term "common era".

In 1st century BE and early 1st century AE, people, who weren't necessarily religious or Christian, and or were attempting the common era (BCE/CE) notation to write in a scholarly manner, or as found in science fiction publications, e.g. Isaac Asimov and his Foundation Series.

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