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In existographies, Buffon (248-167 BE) (1707-1788 ACM) (IQ:175|#255) (Cattell 1000:192) (RGM:290|1,350+) (Simmons 100:23) (PR:4,376|65AE / biologist:32) (CR:38) (LH:1) (TL:39) was a French mathematician and natural philosopher, noted for []


Quotes | On

The following are quotes by Buffon:

“At Holbach’s salon, Buffon had the vexation of seeing that the mathematicians, the chemist, the astronomers, granted him but a very inferior rank among them; that the naturalist themselves were but little disposed to put him at their head, and that, among men of letters, he obtained only a standard praise of an elegant writer, and a great colorist.”
— Jean Marmontel (c.1780), Memoires (pg. 214); cited by Philipp Blom (2010) in A Wicked Company (pg. 61)[1]
“To Buffon, living bodies are distinct from inanimate matter in being composed of ‘matiere vive’, whose particles have a propensity to move from the center to the edge of the bodies they constitute. Inanimate matter, or ‘matiere brut’, is but matire vive that has died, expressing a belief in the continuity of all matter.”
Philip Ball (2011), Unnatural: the Heretical Idea of Making People (pg. 125)[2]

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The following are quotes by Buffon:

“I can name five great men: Newton, Bacon, Leibniz, Montesquieu, and myself.”
— Buffon (c.1760), response to query on how many great men he could name
“The life of the whole (animal or vegetable) world seem to be only the result of all the actions, of all the separate little lives, if I may be permitted so to express myself, of each of those active molecules whose life is primitive and apparently indestructible.”
— Buffon (c.1760), Publication[3]; cited by Philip Ball (2011) in Unnatural (pg. 125)[2]

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