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In terms, boson (TR:5) (LH:3) (TL:8), spin: 1, 2, etc., statistics: Bose-Einstein, is the carrier particle or mediator of the forces of the universe, e.g. the photon is one type of boson which mediates the electromagnetic force, e.g. light.


The following are quotes:

“All entities, whether fermions or humans, need some mediating agency to interconnect them into systems. This indispensable interrelating and interacting role is ultimately played by different field particles named bosons. Unlike fermions, which are characterized by a significant mass and charge, bosons do not take partake of these to attributes. Rather, they only have spins and provide connections as they are exchanged among fermions.”
Paris Arnopoulos (1993), Sociophysics (pg. xIviii) [1]

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  1. Arnopoulos, Paris. (1993). Arnopoulos, Paris. (2005). Sociophysics: Cosmos and Chaos in Nature and Culture (bosons, pg. xIviii). Nova, 2005.

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