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A visual overview of the etymological origin of the term "bio" or "bios" (NE:282), which is the number of the diameter of a circle with a circumference of "888", from the solar magic square. Hence, any attempt to defined biothermodynamics, or the thermodynamical study of a magic number, results in but scientific Jabberwocky (Lotka, 1925).

In terms, biothermodynamics (TR:21) (LH:3) (TL:25), a defunct term, renders as the thermodynamical study of "bio" (NE:282), the diameter of a circle with a circumference of "888", the number equivalent of the name Jesus, derived from the solar magic square, which, when the latter is divided by the former, i.e. 888/282, equals "314", i.e. π, or the number equivalent of the word Bible.


The following are related quotes:

“There is no ‘life’ according to you and yet you taught biothermodynamics (life thermodynamics)?”
— Joshua Nesselroth (2018), “I Would Look to Descartes First Meditations” (page: atheism) (post: 48; comment to Libb Thims), Hmolpedia 2020 Threads, Jan 3[1]
“The oblivious person can get away with the terms ‘biochemistry’ or ‘biophysics’, when writing a general encyclopedia, such as Wikipedia or Britannica, but when one is penning a thermodynamics-based encyclopedia, when the terms ‘biothermodynamics’, ‘biological thermodynamics’, ‘biochemical thermodynamics’ are reached, in respect to the need to pen encyclopedia articles on such terms, is the point where the mind crosses the line-in-the-sand of absurdities.”
Libb Thims (2020), “Mental Note”, arisen while adding the IQD column to the top 2000 minds, wherein, in order to see the cessation age of Lawrence Henderson, in Wikipedia, the following sentence was reflected on: “he became one of the leading biochemists of the early 20th century” (see: abioism), as basic objectionable nonsense, 1:57AM CST, Oct 27

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  1. Thims, Libb. (2021). “Defunct Life Theory Debates: 2008 to 2018” (pdf),, May 7.

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