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The simplified etymology of the term "bio" (or bios), a word whose isopsephy value is the solar magic square number "888" divided by value of Pi (π) or 3.14.[1]

In terms, bios (LH:9), in Greek: βίος (NE:282), from Greek: Bi (βι) (NE:12), meaning "12", i.e. twelve hours [Horus-es] of sunlight per day or twelve full moons per year, + "is" (ίς), meaning: "force" [of Aphrodite], is a word derived from the following isopsephy formula:

where "888" is the circumference of the circle of the sun disc and or the sum of value of six rows and two diagonals of the solar magic square, that when divided by 3.14 or pi (π) yields the number "282", which is the isopsephy value of the word βίος (bios); the term "bio" is the singular form of bios.


The following, from the secret names and isopsephy values of the Greek alphabet, are the main number ciphers behind the Greek word "bios":

  • Bi (βι) (NE:12) = Vi (Latin) = virtue, force, strength, power
  • ο (omicron) (NE:360) = number of degrees (360°) of a circle (or sun disc); and the isopsephy value of the word "omicron"
  • Is (Ις) (NE:210) = Vis (Latin) = force, strength; secret name: fertile (πιον)

When combined, yield:

The number "12", the isopsephy value of the term "bi", of the word "bios" refers, firstly, to the fact that there are 12 lunar months, and that in each month, women ovulate. Second, the value of twelve is symbolic of the sun being at full power, 12 "hours" per day, aka "twelve Horus-es" per day, Horus being the oldest Egyptian sun god.

The letter "o", of the word "bios", is the letter "omicron", the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet. Firstly, this letter is made specifically in the shape of a circle, symbolic of the sun or sun disc. Second, the isopsephy value of the word "omicron" is "360", symbolic of number of degrees (360°) of a circle (or sun disc).

The "is" part of the word "bios", refers to the "Is of Aphrodite", or life making force of the Greek life goddess. Second, the isopsephy value of "Is" is "210", which has the secret name of "fertile" or πιον in Greek. Here, it is the life force of a goddess which makes things "fertile" and thus have the force of life. This, however, derives from the "ankh of Hathor", which brings "clay humans" to life, which is an aspect of Egyptian mythology not fully understood.

These ciphers were invented in the years 1100 to 800BC[2], based on a word making technique the Greeks learned from the Egyptians, who invented mathematics, geometry, and the "secret name" technique.


Note, the Greek term "bis" (βίς) can be compare to vis (Latin), such as seen in the term "vis viva", aka living force.


The following are quotes:

“The only thing correct about the word ‘bios’, in respect to humans, is as an acronym: boron B, iodine I, oxygen O, and sulfur S for four of the atoms in the human molecular formula.”
Libb Thims (66AE), “Mental note”, Aug 3 [3]

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  2. Note: this dating is evidenced by the fact that the "theta" (NE:318), the first letter of Hesiod's 750BC Theogony, is secret name isopsephy ciphered to "Helios" (NE:318), the Greek sun god; meaning, by implication, the "bios" cipher had to have been in place at the start of the invention of the Greek alphabet (c.1100BC).
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