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The cover of Gary Wilson's 2015 Bioism: the Deity of Life, which shows a circular DNA molecule, supposedly representative of the "circle of life", on a green cover, symbolic of "plant life".[1]

In hmolscience, bioism, from the Greek bio- "life" + -ism "ideology", refers to any number of ideologies that places "life" at the center of a belief system.

Bioism is categorized, among the six main "life theory" alternatives, as follows:

  1. Creationism (god created life on day three)
  2. Bioism (certain things are alive; origin not discussed)
  3. Emergent bioism (life emerged at a certain point)
  4. Gradual bioism (life gradually emerged)
  5. Panbioism (all things are alive)
  6. Abioism (no things are alive)

Bioism tends, more often than not, to be a creationism-coded life-centric philosophy, which places "life" at the center of one's value system, or something to this effect.


In c.1930, William Hocking[2], and American idealist philosopher, coined or introduced the term "bioism", as a supposed philosophical counterpart to "vitalism"; the following is one synopsis of this:

“Hocking has given this philosophy the name of ‘bioism’, but there is no particular reason why the established term vitalism should be displaced by the term bioism.”
— Daniel Robinson (1932), An Introduction to Living Philosophy (pg. 322) [3]

The term "bioism" as used here, supposedly, has some relation to vitalism of Henri Bergson, and hence his "creative evolution" theory.

In 2010, in Italy, artists were making smoke-like sculptures that looked like four-legged animals, and were calling the art "bioism".[4]

Bioism (smoke art).png

In 2020, a start-up called Bioism was launched, amid the pandemic, to make GPS-based robots that collect garbage from home, or something along these lines:[5]

The company was part of the initiative; hence, the term bioism, used here, seems to be a "green-initiative" themed term.


The following are quotes:

“Out of all the books mentioned in this chapter, the most extreme example of being different is Generation Dead (2008) by Daniel Waters where some teens have died and come back to life. In this parallel to our society, the dead kids are shunned by most of the school and abandoned by the government, and some by their families. Bioism, the hatred of dead people, becomes the new ‘ism’.”
— C.J. Bott (2009), More Bullies in More Books (pg. 29)
Bioism is a new model of reality, a contribution to the field of philosophy, and the daughter of humanism. Whereas humanism sees everything revolving around ‘humanity’, bioism sees everything revolving around ‘life’ in general.”
— Gary Wilson (2015), Bioism: the Deity of Life (pgs. 7-8) [1]

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