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A "big bang" to "human molecule" diagram, as illustrated in the works of Neil Shubin (2008, 2013)[1] and used, with added annotation, as shown above, in the Aug 2015 "atheism for kids" lecture by Libb Thims.

In cosmology, big bang (TR:125) (LH:3) (TL:128) refers to []


Atheism for kids

See main: Atheism for kids; Zerotheism for kids; Zerotheism

On 10 Aug 2015, Libb Thims, with co-host Thor, gave a "Monday School" summer session, "atheism for kids"[2][3] lecture, to a group of six Chicago children, ages 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, which was recorded and edited into a YouTube atheism for kids lecture series, the opening screen shot of each video part being the following diagram:[4]

Zerotheism for kids 1000px.jpg

Thims, in the following months, while attempting to make a children's atheism book, based on the lecture notes, experience, and feedback, in various discussion attempted to distill the basic message the kids were taught; some examples:

“Gibbs energy replaces gods energy, big bang cosmology replaces Nile River (Noah’s ark) flood cosmology, and evidence-based physiochemical morals replace angel-based prophesized morals.”
— Libb Thims (2016), “Email dialogue, with people such as Erich Muller and James Ferry, about his atheism for kids lecture turned draft book Smart Atheism: for Kids, Aug 22 [5]
“It's big bang to human molecules, and there is NO god.”
Libb Thims (2016), “synopsis of what the kids in the Aug 2015 Zerotheism for Kids lecture had learned; stated during Reddit discussion about so-called “atheistic brainwashing”, Sep 5 [5]

The draft book, however, got stalled out at the "Roman recension"[6] period, as the history of this "recension", compared to other recensions[7], is very murky, effaced, and erased; on the surface, in short, it would seem very simple to swap out "Noah's flood cosmology" for "big bang cosmology", where instead of there being a "big flood" (aka Nile River flood, Nun, or Ogdoad), there was a "big bang", but it is not so simple, to say the least.


The following are quotes:

Soul: the origin of a physical system; in carbon entromorphology, the soul is a nucleonic pathway leading all the way back to the big bang. Soulatrophic: a term in carbon entromorphology, giving reference to particular fractional dimensions of natural scale; such as the microbiological, somatic, cognitive , and spiritual levels. Soulatrophicity: appertaining two unique fractional dimensions of scale, but with an absolute origin or soul at the big bang.”
Mark Janes (2012), Mr Carbon Atom (pg. 362) [8]

End matter


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