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In existographies, C. Bhaktavatsala Rao (c.1951-) (LH:#), aka C.B. Rao, is an Indian mechanical engineer, industrial engineer, and business manager, and entrepreneurial theorist, noted for []


In 2018, Rao, in his India as Global Start-up Hub, chapter 12: "Entrepreneurial Thermodynamics", stated the following:

Passion is energy. Entrepreneurial passion is at the core of start-up energy. Energy in scientific terms follows thermodynamics. Although entrepreneurship is seen largely as an organizational or behavioral phenomenon, the challenges and paradoxes of sustainable entrepreneurship can be better understood in a thermodynamic perspective. All things in the observable universe are affected by, and obey, the laws of thermodynamics. Entrepreneurial systems are no exception. If entrepreneurial energy of a start-up is visualized as the fundamental heat of a heat engine, the laws of thermodynamics apply strikingly to systems analysis of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial energy provides the power to perform of a start-up firm. Just as temperature, pressure, and chemical potential of a heat system dictate the thermodynamic behaviour of a heat engine, energy, passion, and competencies of an entrepreneurial system dictate its behaviour.”
— Bhaktavatsala Rao (2018), India as Global Start-up Hub (§12: Entrepreneurial Thermodynamics) [1]

Rao then gives a Box 12.1 which he says "explores the relationship between passion and energy".

Here, in respect to the subject of “entrepreneurial thermodynamics”, we recall Andruin Mui (2010), and his thermodynamics based entrepreneurial ideas[2]; Vineet Nayar, and his Employees First, Customers Second (2010), where he discusses energy in respect to the "corporate molecule"[3]; also Shawn Carson’s 2014 discussions of “entrepreneurial entropy”[4], as mentioned in business thermodynamics.[5]


In c.1975, Rao completed BS in mechanical engineering at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, then completed a M.Tech degree in industrial engineering and PhD in industrial management both at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai. He then worked for 40+ years in strategic and operational leadership of various companies and corporations in India.[6]

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