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In existographies, Benjamin Carson (4- BE) (1951- ACM) (SPE:50|66AE) (CR:5) (LH:3) (TL:8) is an American neurosurgeon, writer, and politician, noted for his 2015 US Presidency campaign speech, wherein he says the modern person is given the choice to either believe in god or believe in entropy, and that of one believes in the former, they are a moron, but if one believes in the latter, they are an educated moron, so to say, believing that every "thing" in the universe tends to a state of disorganization.


In 1984, age 33, having been born in a Detroit ghetto, to an illiterate single mother, Carson became the youngest head, at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, of pediatric neurosurgery in the US.

In 1987, Carson became world-famous when he performed the first-successful separation of conjoined-at-the-head Siamese twins: Patrick Binder and Benjamin Binder; in 2016, he made a notable run for the US presidency, earning 9 delegates; author of over a dozen books, including his Gifted Hands (1990), wherein he explained how his mother “tricked” him to become educated, by telling him to write two book reports a week, which the would “pretend” to grade (she was illiterate) by putting check marks on certain paragraphs.


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The following are quotes by Carson:

“And you know, I get a lot of grief out there. People say, ‘How can you be a scientist and believe that god created the earth? Obviously, you know [they say] we developed from a puddle of promiscuous biochemicals [?]. And if you believe in anything other than that, you’re a moron.’ I don’t criticize them. I say, ‘Can you tell me how something came from nothing?’ And of course they can’t. They say ‘well, we don’t understand everything.’ I say ‘ok, no problem’. ‘I’m just going to give you that there’s something’. And now you’re going to tell me there’s a big bang, and it comes into perfect order? So that we can predict seventy-years hence when a comet is coming, that kind of precision. And they say, ‘Well, yeah.’ And I say, ‘But don’t you also believe in entropy, that things move toward a state of disorganization?’ [they say] ‘Well yah’. [I say] ‘So how does that work? “And they say, ‘We don’t understand everything.’ And I said ‘I’m not sure you understand anything! ‘ But, I said, ‘I’m not going to be critical of you, not a problem. You’re entitled to believe what you believe, even though it requires a lot more faith than what I believe. But everybody believe what you want to believe.”
Ben Carson (2015), “US Presidential Campaign Speech” (0:08-1:42), Liberty University, Nov 11 [1]

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