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In terms, beautiful (LH:1) refers to a thing, idea, concept, or premise that is full of beauty.


The following are related quotes:

“I was going to ‘take the fur’, i.e. obtain a doctorate in theology, and install myself among the doctors of Sorbonne. On my way, I meet a beautiful woman as an angel; I want to sleep with her, and I do; I have three children by her an I am ‘forced’ to abandon my mathematics, which I loved, my Homer and Virgil, which I always had in my pocket, the theater, for which I had a taste, and was only too happy to undertake the Encyclopedia [1751], to which I devoted 25-years of my life.”
— Denis Diderot (c.1780), “Reflections of 1743”[1]
Libb, that happened to the Journal of Human Thermodynamics? That was beautiful!”
Alec Groysman (65AE), "Zoom query to Thims", Thermodynamics 2.0 conference, Jun

End matter


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