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In late Oct 2020, Libb Thims, after realizing that the iPhone version of Google Translate had been upgraded to the point that by holding a phone over a section of text (or page of book), it would render the text-into-English, bought the latest iPad version, and built a plexiglass table (similar to the above), and began reading, for the first time (page-by-page), Leon Winiarski's Essay on Social Mechanics (1989) and Mehdi Bezargan's Thermodynamics of Humans (1956), prior to which he had only been able translate partially; the latter of which spending years trying to pay various Iranian engineers to translated for him.

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In Jan 2008, Libb Thims discovered, via Sehed Taghavi’s The Flourishing of Islamic Reformation in Iran (2004), the human thermodynamics work of Bazargan.[1]

On 27 Apr 2010, Thims received the pdf of Bazargan's Thermodynamics of Humans, from Bonyad Farhangi Bazargan (of[2] Thims then uploaded the file to, making it publicly available, and began to look for translators.

Over the years, Thims, being that Persian-to-English is a difficult translation to render correctly, has attempted to get several Iranian engineers to translate the book, including: Robert Kenoun[3], who helped (2010) translated pages 4-5; Thims even had an Iranian girlfriend reside with him (2016-2017), for over a year, who refused to translate it (owing to fear about the Ayatollahs), but who gave him a Persian-to-English dictionary. Others, such as Reza Hashermain, among some who wish to remain anonymous, poked at the idea, but in the end to no success.

Machine | 40-pages

In Jun 2010, Thims had crudely translated, via scan-cut-n-paste the first 40-pages of the manuscript, via mechanical cut-and-paste of the text into Google Translator; the result, however, was a start, but mostly unreadable.[4]

Khalil | Stalled out

In 2013, Fardin Khalili[5], a mechanical engineering student Thims met during one of his lectures, agreed to do the full translation, for a fee, but got derailed by his PhD work;

Camera | Reading

In Oct 2020, Thims, after realizing that the latest version of the Apple smart phone app of Google Translate, can translate via camera, text pages into good readable visual English (on a phone), purchased the latest iPad and began to read, by placing a sheet of plexiglass about 10-inches above the text, and the iPad on the plexiglass, and using MS word dictation, in better-than-crude English, both Leon Winiarski's 1898 Essay on Social Mechanics (French → English), and Mehdi Bazargan's 1956 Thermodynamics of Humans (Farsi → English), one many famous HT-related translations he had attempted, albeit, only in part, over the years.[6] These translations are indicated by "translator: Thims" in some of the quotes newly translated below.


In Jan 2021, Thims received an email, from one of his engineering associates, indicating that Foad Aghamiri, an Iranian chemical engineering professor, affiliated with Isfahan University, who presently is a visiting professor at the University of Toronto, who completed his PhD with a thesis on “Statistical Thermodynamic Study of Hydrogen Bond Effects of Phase Equilibria” (1998)[7], Amir-Kabir University of Technology (Tehran polytechnic), Tehran, Iran, who has published extensively in the field of thermodynamics[8], with a strong command of Persian and English languages, and who has a deep understanding of Bazargan and his work, might be interested in doing the translation, and or part of the translation, and being either the author or co-author of the book?


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