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In terms, attraction (TR:430) (LH:9) (TL:439|#79), from at-, meaning "toward", + -action, meaning process of an act, as compared to repulsion, refers to []


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Life exists on earth because protons are shy creatures. When brought face to face, they take a considerable time in deciding whether to like each other. Before their minds are made up they have moved apart and gone their separate ways. A similar thing happens to people in cities; they move about, encountering one another on the streets and in the subway, and sometimes a person meets another for a fleeting moment and feels a strong attraction. But in their movement and hurry they turn aside and go separate ways, perhaps never again to meet. An attitude of reserve between strangers prevents instant intimate friendship. Protons have an equivalent inhibition, and their shyness and inability to make instant friendships is due to what is called the weak interaction.”
Edward Harrison (1985), Masks of the Universe (pg. 134) [1]

End matter


  1. Harrison, Edward. (1985). Masks of the Universe: Changing Ideas on the Nature of the Cosmos (pg. 134). Cambridge, 2001.

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