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A caricature of Gilbert Lewis (1923) depicted as an atheist preacher, of sorts, wherein god has been replaced by "formation energy" (ΔG<0), and the so-called bonding force of religion has been re-defined by the nature of the chemical bond (Cl:Cl), albeit socially defined.

In terms, atheist preacher (LH:1) refers to []


In 445BC, Empedocles was said to have “taught atheism” (Theophilus, c.160).

In 1773, Denis Diderot, in route to St. Petersburg, Russia to meet Catherine II, who was to purchase the rights to his library and published works, stopped in Duisburg, Germany, Leipzig, and Dresden, whereat he “preached atheism”, as people have reported:

“Diderot’s vivacity is extraordinarily great. He speaks with warmth and vehemence that almost benumbs us colder-blooded souls. Anyone who wants to make an objection or contribute something to the conversation must seize the moment quickly and at the same time speak with confidence. He seizes all occasions to ‘preach atheism’, and sometimes he preaches it really with the passion of a fanatic.”
— George Zollikofer (1773), "Report about Diderot in Leipzig"[1]
“Guess what Diderot did there! Publicly in front of the door to his room, surrounded by a lot of professors and merchants he preached atheism.”
— Karl Lessing (1773), “Letter to brother Gotthold Lessing”[2]

In c.1860, Karl Vogt was described as an "atheist preacher" of sorts for Darwinism, materialism based.

In 1885, Nietzsche, in his Thus Spoke Zarathustra, presented a fictional character named “Zarathustra”, styled on the historical Zarathustra, in whose mouth he discussed the uberman, the death of god, will to power, and eternal recurrence, in a way that some have classified as “preaching atheism”.

In 1910, Wilhelm Ostwald, during his famous “Monastic Sunday Sermons”, gave some sort of energy-based monism atheism sermons, presenting, supposedly, would an atheism preacher.

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In 2000s, Klaas Hendrikse, a Dutch pastor, of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, famously was known as the “atheist pastor” (atheistische dominee).[3] It is not known, however, if Hendrikse preached atheism?

In 2011, Jerry DeWitt, then a pastor of two evangelical churches, was exposed as an atheist and fired from his job, after a photo of him with Richard Dawkins began to circulate, after which he began to preach as an open atheist.[4]

In 2016, Gretta Vosper, a United Church of Canada minster, who lost her faith in god, was attempting to set up a “non-theistic congregation” where she could give “secular sermons”.[5]


The following are related quotes:

“And Hegel, whose mouth until this moment grimness locked, suddenly rose up giant high and spoke: ‘I consecrated all my life to science, preached atheism with my whole strength: I placed self-consciousness upon her thrown, convinced I had already conquered god.”
Friedrich Engels (c.1870), Source[6]
“Many of the intellectuals like Hume, Mill, Darwin, Tyndall, Herbert Spencer, and Thomas Huxley preached atheism and agnosticism.”
— Author (1980), “Article”[7]

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