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In terms, atheist (TR:505) (LH:3) (TL:508), from a- “not” or “without” + theos- “sun god”, + -ist, "practitioner", as compared to a "theist", is one who does not believe that the sun is a god (see: sun god), does not believe in the existence of god or gods in general, and does not believe in any scientific god synonyms; an adherent of atheism.


The following are related quotes:

“There was no public persecution of Christianity in this century. For those mistake the views and policy of the Mohammedans, who suppose that the Turks waged war upon the Christians in this age, for the sake of promoting their religion in opposition to that of Christ. But private enemies to all religion and especially to the Christian, were lurking here and there in different parts of Europe, and they instilled their nefarious dogmas both orally and by books into the minds of the credulous. Among this miserable class are reckoned several of the peripatetic philosophers who illuminated Italy, and in particular Pietro Pomponazzi; and besides these, among the French were Jean Bodin, Francois Rabelais, Michel Montaigne, Bonaventure Periers, Stephen Dolet, and Pierre Charron; among the Italians, and sovereign pontiff Leo X, Angelo Politiano, Giordano Bruno, and Bernardino Ochino; among the Germans, Theophrastus Paracelsus, Nicholas Taurellus, and others (Reimmann, 1725)[1]. Nay, some tell us that in certain parts of France and Italy there were schools opened, and from which issued swarms of such monsters.”
— Johann Mosheim (1848), Institutes of Ecclesiastical History (§: General History of the Church, pgs. 602-03)[2]
“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass, god is waiting for you.”
Werner Heisenberg (c.1970), Publication[3]; Anthony Walsh (2019) conjectures[4] that this is similar to the Francis Bacon “a little philosophy” quote

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