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In terms, atheism philosophy (LH:1) refers to []


In 7 Feb 2021 (66AE), Thims launched r/AtheismPhilosophy, with the caption box described as:[1]

“A Reddit on the intersection of ‘philosophy’ and ‘atheism’. Holbach’s atheism philosophy enlightenment salon, 1759 to 1780s, is the archetype. Types: atomic atheism (Epicurus), existentialism (Dostoevsky), nihilism (Jacobi), absurdism (Camus), pointlessness (Weinberg) vs pointfullness (Lindsay), meaninglessness (Tolstoy) vs meaningfulness (Blessing), physico-chemical atheism (Goethe, Nietzsche, Ostwald), pessimism (Schopenhauer), or evolution (Darwin, Haldane, Dawkins), etc. Questions welcomed!”

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  1. AtheismPhilosophy – Reddit.
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