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In existographies, Arieh Naim (21- BE) (1934- ACM) (CR:14) (LH:3) (TL:17), aka “Arieh Ben-Naim”, is an Israeli physical chemist and informationist, noted for []


In 2007, Naim, after retiring from Hebrew University (2003), in his Entropy Demystified, attempted to explain entropy, not in terms of standard SI units (J/K), but in term of “bits”, the Trojan horse of which being to replace Clausius entropy with god-based "bit entropy", aka bitropy.[1] This, in the decade to after, was followed by a dozen+ books on the same theme, the long end aim of which being to discredit thermodynamics, so to save god theory.


Quotes | On

The following are quotes on Naim:

“Your proposal about Shannon information S — is nothing but another word that begins with S and refers to human excrement. You should be abjectly ashamed of yourself. Not only are your methods and your behavior nauseating but your ability in uniting information theory and statistical mechanics is erased by your ignorance in dismissing the needs of ordinary students, specifically beginning chemistry students to whom entropy and thermodynamics are enormous conceptual obstacles. Abandonment of the terribly flawed manuscript that you sent to and collaboration with him on melding your expertise in complex probability with our proved success in conceptual perceptions could result in a synthesis that would change education in entropy for this and succeeding generations. If this does not occur, I will literally fight to my death to show the world the fallacy of believing that your views are anything but those of a deceptive, half-truth promoting, dishonest person as you have shown yourself to me.”
Frank Lambert (2009), review of Naim’s Entropy Demystified
Arieh Ben-Naim has done as much as anyone to outline statistical thermodynamics based on information theory, the first to reformulate Shannon’s work into physical units. His Farewell to Entropy (2008) is highly recommended.”
Robert Hanlon (2020), Block by Block (pg. 605)

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The following are quotes by Naim:

“As a boy, I learned how god created the world, all its living creatures, and his best creation, humans. But god gave us the freedom of thought, feelings, and even the choice to believe, or not to believe in him. Now we learn that entropy controls ....”
— Arieh Naim (2015), Entropy for Smart Kids (pg. 287) [2]

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