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In existographies, Antoine Lavoisier (212-161 BE) (1743-1794 ACM) (IQ:180|#93) (Cattell 1000:393) (RGM:160|1,350+) (Murray 4000:5|CS / 1|C) (Gottlieb 1000:67) (Becker 160:17) (Simmons 100:8) (Partington 50:5) (EPD:M5) (GCE:2) (TR:171) (LH:11) (TL:179|#53) was a French chemist, noted for []


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The following are quotes by Lavoisier:

“When we begin the study of any science, we are in a situation, respecting that science, similar to that of children; and the course by which we have to advance is precisely the same which nature follows in the formation of their ideas. In a child, the idea is merely an effect produced by a sensation; and, in the same manner, in commencing the study of a physical science, we ought to form no idea but what is a necessary consequence, and immediate effect, of an experiment or observation.”
— Antoine Lavoisier (1789), Elements of Chemistry (pg. xvi)[1]

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