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In terms, anno elementum (LH:4), acronym: AE, is Latin for “year of the element”, namely the year atoms were first seen, specifically the element tungsten on the day 11 Oct 1955 in Dionysian calendar years.


On 25 Apr 2020, Libb Thims, while ruminating[1] on a way to correctly date the title page of his Human Chemical Thermodynamics manuscript, invented the new “anno elementum” and acronym “AE” as the dating system replacement for “anno domini”, and acronym “AD”, meaning “year of our Lord”, of the Dionysian calendar, the current method by which the western world dates years, therein originating the "Thimsian calendar".


The following are quotes:

“On 11 Oct 66 AE, at the 66th anniversary of the day humans first saw atoms, I will publish Abioism: No Thing is Alive, on the Defunct Theory of Life, and Life Does Not Exist[2], the first book with its title page dated with the new secular-scientific Anno Elementum (BE/AE) dating system, wherein I will show how the numbers 111 and 666, of the solar magic square, yield the number ‘282’, the isopsephy value of the Greek word βιος (Bios), and the diameter of the circle with a circumference of 888, which is the isopsephy value of the Greek word Ιησους (Jesus), and hence a myth and magic based number; therein explaining how humans are not alive, because atoms are not alive, per reason that the word ‘alive’ etymologically derives from the ‘vis of Venus’, the Latin rescript of the Greek 282 myth, which itself is of Egyptian religio-mythology origin, namely the rescript of the ankh of Hathor model, which itself is based on an older pre-dynastic astro-theology motif of the sun, conceptually, being reborn after passing through the Milky Way.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “mental thought”, arisen during short nap, after 2-mile run, Aug 19

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  1. Note: Thims has been working on date reform since 2013.
  2. Thims, Libb. (66AE). Abioism: No Thing is Alive, on the Defunct Theory of Life, and Life Does Not Exist (pdf). Publisher.

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