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An image of an angel (left), from a cemetery where Thims used to jog, as employed on Thims' 2004 The 3rd Question manuscript; as discussed in an 18 Apr 2020 video[1]; as compared to a 31 Jan 2021 image (right) made for the origin of the Christmas Tree angel illustration.

In religio-mythology, angel (TR:5) (LH:7) (TL:12) refers to []


In 1595, Johannes Kepler believed that planets were driven around the sun by “angels” flapping their wings.

In 2014, in America, scientists, e.g. Joshua Greene and Alfred Mele, and university presidents, e.g. Jim Wagner, president of Emory University, or Amy Gutmann, president of Pennsylvania University (and Chair of the President's Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues), were found debating, amid discussions of "bioethics", about whether or not "angels" exist and whether or not humans are driven around in their orbits, i.e. "animated" in motion, in their so-labeled ethical or non-ethical behaviors, by “souls”, during the meetings of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.[2]

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