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In existographies, Alvin Kuhn (75 BE-8 AE) (1880-1963 ACM) (IQ:#|#) (RMS:111) (CR:18) (LH:2) (TL:20) was an American religio-mythology scholar and theosophist, noted for []



Kuhn influenced: Tom Harpur.


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Kuhn is a man of immense learning and even greater courage. He is one of the single greatest geniuses of the twentieth century, who towers above all others of recent memory in intellect and his understanding of the world's religions.”
Tom Harpur (2004), The Pagan Christ (pg. #)

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“There is not one iota of history as we know it in the entire Bible!”
— Alvin Kuhn (c.1940), “Our Birth is But a Sleep”; cited by Tom Harpur (2004) in The Pagan Christ (pg. 115) [1]

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  1. Harpur, Tom. (2004). The Pagan Christ. Thomas.

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