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In existographies, Alhazen (990-915 BE) (965-1040 ACM) (IQ:175|#310) (ID:2.33|75) (RGM:934|,1350+) (PR:815|65AE / physicist:24) (Becker 160:103|2L) (GME:58) (CR:11) (LH:1) (TL:12), aka "Ibn Al Haytham" (Arabic), pronounced: "Eb-In Hay-them"[1], was an Arabic physicist, mathematician, and philosopher, noted for []


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The following are quotes on Alhazen:

Alhazen was the first to correct the Platonic notion that rays of light are emitted by the eye. He discovered atmospheric refraction, and points out that we see the sun and the moon after they have set. He explains the enlargement of the sun and moon, and the shortening of the vertical diameters of both these bodies, when near the horizon. He is aware that the atmosphere decreases in density with increase of elevation, and actually fixes its height at 58 1/2 miles. In the Book of the Balance of Wisdom, he sets forth the connection between the weight of the atmosphere and its increasing density. He shows that a body will weigh differently in a rare and dense atmosphere: he considers the force with which plunged bodies rise through heavier media. He understands the doctrine of the centre of gravity, and applies it to the investigation of balances and steelyards. He recognizes ‘gravity’ as a force, though he falls into the error of making it diminish simply as the distance increased, and of making it purely terrestrial. He knows the relation between the velocities, spaces, and times of falling bodies, and has distinct ideas of capillary attraction. He improved the hydrometer. The determination of the densities of bodies as given by Alhazen approach very closely to our own..”
John Tyndall (1874), “Atheistic Materialism” (pgs. 16-17), BAAS Address[2]

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The following are quotes by Alhazen:

“If learning the ‘truth’ is the scientist’s goal, then he must make himself the enemy of all that he reads.”
— Alhazen (c.1015), Publication[1]

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