Alembert's Dream (part three)

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In famous publications, Alembert's Dream (part three) (LH:#) refers to part two the "Sequel" of Diderot's 1769 Alembert's Dream, which is preceded by the "Dream" or Alembert's Dream (part two).

Part three | Sequel

The following is part three:

# Person French English
Character A
Character B

End matter

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  • Diderot, Denis. (1669). D’Alembert’s Dream (Le Reve D’Alembert [manuscript]); in: Rameau’s Nephew and Diderot’s Dream (§:131-237) (translator: Leonard Tancock). Penguin, 1964.
  • Diderot, Denis. (1769). D’Alembert’s Dream (translator: Ian Johnston) (abs) (§1: Diderot and Alembert Conversation (txt); §2: Alembert’s Dream (txt); §3: Sequel (txt)). Publisher, 2014.

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