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In existographies, Albert Gyorgyi (62 BE-31 AE) (1893-1986 ACM) (IQ:#|#) (CR:27) (LH:5) (TL:32) was Hungarian physiologist, bio-physicist, and philosopher, noted for []



Gyorgyi influenced: John Avery, who worked under him during the summers of 1960 and 1961, and Mae-Wan Ho, who was influenced by his idea that "life" is a thing found between or amid the electron transition between two Bohr orbitals.


Quotes | On

The following are quotes on Gyorgyi:

The Rainbow and the Worm began 30-years ago, when, as a young undergraduate, I came across Szent Gyorgyi’s idea that life is interposed between two energy levels of the electron.”
Mae-Wan Ho (1993), Preface to first edition of The Rainbow and the Worm (pg. ix) [1]

Quotes | By

The following are quotes by Gyorgyi:

Life is nothing but an electron looking for a place to rest.”
— Albert Gyorgyi (c.1950), Source [possibly paraphrase?]; cited by Nick Lane (2010) in Life Ascending (pg. 288)[2]; cited by Sean Carroll (2016) in “What is the Purpose of Life?” [3]
“In my search for the secret of life, I ended up with atoms and electrons, which have no life at all. Somewhere along the lines, life has ‘run out through my fingers’[4]. So, in my old age [age 79], I am now retracing my steps [back to the cell].”
— Albert Gyorgyi (1972), “What is Life” [5]
“A ‘discovery’ must be, by definition, at variance with existing knowledge.”
— Albert Gyorgyi (1972), “Dionysians and Apollonians” (see: John Platt) [6]

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