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In existographies, age of first spoken word (TR:#) (LH:#) (TL:#) refers to []


The following is a ranked listing age of first spoken word of known child prodigies:

Age Person Summary
IQ R (real).jpg
IQ E.jpg
2 weeks
Cawley 75.png
Ainan Cawley
(44- AE)
(1999- ACM)
Said “Ayer” (water in Malay), whenever he was thirsty; also said “poo”, at five weeks, whenever he needed his diaper changed. (Ѻ) IQ O.png=263-349[1]
6 weeks
De Mello 75.png
Adragon Mello
(21- AE)
(1976- ACM)
Said “hello” at six weeks. (Ѻ) IQ O.png=400[2]
8 weeks
Christian Heineken.png
Christian Heineken


Spoke German at 8 weeks. (Ѻ) IQ O.png=230[3]
3 months
Koser 75.png
Marnen Koser


Speaking first words and grammatically correct sentences. IQ O.png=228[4]
4 months
Merrill Wolf 75.png
Merrill Wolf
Started talking at four months; said: "put on another record" at six months".[5] IQ O.png=182[5]
4 months
Matthew Laine.png
Matthew Laine


When he was about four months old, while sitting in a shopping cart, yelled to his mother, who had walked around the corner: “mommy come here”, to the amazement of onlookers. (Ѻ) IQ O.png=200+[6]

IQ O.png=160+[7]

4 months
Kearney 75.png
Michael Kearney
(29- AE)
(1984- ACM)
Said “daddy and “mama” at four months (Ѻ); at age of six months, supposedly, told his pediatrician "I have a left ear infection". (Ѻ) IQ O.png=325

IQ O.png=200

4 months
Yong 75.png
Kim Ung-Yong


Spoke first word at for months; talking at five months; writing at seven months. IQ G.png=210

IQ O.png=200

4 months
Leopold 75.png
Nathan Leopold


Spoke first words at four months. IQ O.png=206-210

IQ O.png=200

6 months
Sidis 75.png
William Sidis


Said “door”; also pointed to and said “moon” at seven months (Ѻ); at about nine months said "he liked things, doors and people, that move." IQ:175|#349 IQ O.png=250-300[8]

IQ O.png=200

6 months
Langan 75.png
Christopher Langan


Began talking at six months; reading at three years (Ѻ). IQ RH.png=174, 190

IQ O.png=190

IQ O.png=195-210

Alia Sabur 75.png
Alia Sabur


Began talking at eight months (Ѻ).
12 months
Stern 75.png
Edith Stern


Was able to speak simple sentences (Ѻ). IQ O.png=201-203

IQ O.png=200

12 months Ian Baker


Spoke first word.[9] IQ O.png=200[10]
13 months
Tao 75.png
Terence Tao


Spoke first word.[9] IQ O.png=233[11]

IQ O.png=220[12]

IQ O.png=211


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