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In terms, achristism (CR:5) (LH:2) (TL:7), from a- meaning "not, without, or opposite", + Christ meaning "anointed one", + -ism meaning "doctrine or idea", aka “a-Jesus-ism” (anon, 2015)[1], or “Jesus atheism” (Price, 2000), refers to disbelief in the existence of Christ and or Jesus Christ, depending on usage and context. The term was coined in 1694 by Philip Henry.


The following are quotes:

“What you write of the paralyzing atheism of the town, I am afraid is too true; but what do you think of such a thing as achristism? I am sure Ephesians 2:12 mentions both. How many are there that own a god, and worship him, that have no regard to Jesus Christ in doing so; as if we could come to him, and have to do with him, and receive from him, without a mediator! How is he then 'the way?' Hath he not said, 'No man cometh unto the father but by me?' Is he the way to those that do not walk in him, or an advocate to those that do not employ him?”
— Philip Henry (1694), “Letter to Thomas Hunt”[2]

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