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In terms, absurd (CR:5) (LH:11) (TL:16) refers to []


The following are related quotes:

Descartes was the first to reduce, in a manner eminently capable of beating the test of mental presentation, vital phenomena to purely mechanical principles. Through fear or love, Descartes was a good churchman; he accordingly rejects the notion of an atom, because it was absurd to suppose that god, if he so pleased, could not divide an atom; he puts in the place of the atoms small round particles and light splinters, out of which he builds the organism. He sketches with marvelous physical insight a machine, with water for its motive power, which shall illustrate vital actions. He has made clear to his mind that such a machine would be competent to carry on the processes of digestion, nutrition, growth, respiration, and the beating of the heart.”

John Tyndall (1874), “Atheistic Materialism”, BAAS Address (pg. 21)[1]

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  1. Tyndall, John. (1874). “Atheistic Materialism (txt) (pregnant, pg. 3), Address, British Association for the Advancement of Science, Belfast. Longmans.

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