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Examples of so-called "biotronic" machines, aka living machines, based on algorithm intellects, as Joey Lawsin (2009) visualizes things, from which he coined the term "abiozoics", conceptualized as the study of non-life, or abio-, becoming life, or zoe-, in which animals and machines could, in Lawsin's metaphysical theory, be reduced down to binary numbers (bits) and algorithms, and in which life is redefined as just an "animation effect".

In terms, abiozoics (LH:3) is the metaphysical study of how an abio-thing can become a zoe-thing, generally themed on conceptually reducing animals and machines down to bits or binary digits and intelligence algorithms, in origin. The term abiozoics was introduced in 2009 by Joey Lawsin.


In 1988, Joey Lawsin envisioned that he could make machines that “look alive or with life”.

In 2009, Lawsin, in his “The Silver Species” blog, describes how he had progressed on his machines that look alive thoughts into a living machine philosophy of sorts, wherein he envisioned life-like robots “silver species” and the study of making these machines as “biotronics”, from bio-, meaning “282”, and -tronics, referring to electronics.[1] On this platform, Lawsin introduced the term abiozoics, as follows: =

Abiozoics, which means the creation of non-life (abio-) to life (zoi-) [zoe-], is a discipline that generally studies the transformation of non-living species to living organisms. It also deals specifically with the transformation of abstract to realities or from nothing to something.”
— Joey Lawsin (2009), “Silver Species”, Jul 1

Lawsin, here, to clarify, is unaware of the fact that "bio" (NE:282) and "zoe" (NE:815), while both related to the Greek model of life, have two completely different cipher-based etymologies and meanings, defined by the numbers "282" and "815" and their correlative secret names and sun god meanings.

Secondly, we not the use of the red-flag term "creation" used by Lawsin. This seems to imply he is aiming to turn the "god" of Abrahamic religions into a bit god?

In 2018, Lawsin had built some of these so-called “biotronic silver species” machines, and showed some videos on his YouTube channel, showing sort of programmed lego-built crawling spiders.[2]


In 65AE, Lawsin, amid dialogue with Libb Thims, began to use the term "abiozoicism" as parallel, in his mind, to abioism.


The following are related quotes:

Abiozoics is the study of the interrelationship between non-life to life, from non-living things to living things, from abstracts to physicals, from nothing to some thing. It also deals with biotronics known as silver species.”
— Joey Lawsin (2009), “About the Author: Research”, Lawsinium, WordPress. [3]
“I am so glad that an intelligent person like you who has a different perspective about ‘life’, managed to put all together the bright minds in the world in one place which you named Hmolpedia. I was even impressed that you are redefining and rewriting the ‘concept of life’ according to abioism, a concept parallel to my idea of ‘abiozoicism’. In autognorics, I defined alive as self-energized, one of the important factors to become living and with life. And of course, as you said[4] there is no such thing that life exists. I agree with you 100%. I am also a progressive atheist. But it sounds better to be called an ‘abioist atheist’ instead. I love the way you coined it.”
Joey Lawsin (66AE), "Email to Libb Thims", Aug 23

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