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The opening section of the "Abioism Glossary" of Thims' 66AE Abioism: No Thing is Alive, showing the first ten terms, of a then listed 78 physico-chemically neutral (PCN) terms.

In terms, abioism glossary (LH:6) is an A to Z glossary of so-called "science grammar correct" (Pearson, 1925) terms, each redefined according to a physical or physico-chemically neutral (PCN) point of view, which can be used to replace the now defunct terminology related to all life-terms and or bio-phrases terms, words, and concepts.

“If these terms: ‘unit-mass of living matter’, ‘resultant of organic forces’, ‘continuity of organic substance’, etc., biologists have adopted from physics, are used figuratively, we ought to find them re-defined.”
Karl Pearson (1892), Grammar of Science (§9.1: The Relation of Biology to Physics, pgs. 328-31) [1]

Historically, it was Karl Pearson, in his §9.1: The Relation of Biology to Physics, of his Grammar of Science (1892), sample quote shown above, followed by Alfred Lotka, in his §1: Regarding Definitions, of his Elements of Physical Biology (1925), who first pressed upon the need to use precise unambiguous terminology, when using physics and chemistry based terms, when discussing movements and phenomena and reactions inside and or between organisms, plants, animals, humans, or societies. Lotka specifically tells us that our current system of so-called "biological nomenclature" has been handed down to us from Genesis, which is pretty correct, and hence is in need of a grand overhaul, physico-chemically speaking.


The following is the current active abioism glossary, originating from Libb Thims' Oct 66AE book Abioism: No Thing is Alive, which listed 90 physico-chemically neutral (PCN) terms:[2]

# Defunct Physico-Chemically Neutral (PCN) Person Date
888/π thing Heat-powered CHNOPS+ thing Thims 2021
Alive (feel) Working like mad Vincent Gogh 1885 (c.)
Alive Animate Alexander Harvey 1908
Alive Matter that goes[3] Erwin Schrodinger 1943
Alive Reactive Thims 2011 (c.)
Alive Existive Thims 2013
Alive Reactive existence Thims 2015
Animal life Will-animated organized matter William Thomson 1852
Bio Powered CHNOPS+ Thims 2015
Biochemist Chnops-chemist[4] Thims 2013
Biochemistry Study of powered CHNOPS systems Henry Swan 1974
Biochemistry Study of crawling carbon compounds Mike Adams 1995 (c.)
Biochemistry Animate chemistry Reza Ghadiri 1998
Biochemistry Powered chnops-chemistry Thims 2012
Biochemistry Powered chnopsological chemistry Thims 2021
Bioethical Exergonic Thims 2015
Biogenic elements CHNOPS elements NAS 1998
Biography Existography Thims 2015
Biological thermodynamics Chnopsological thermodynamics Thims 2012
Biological thermodynamics Thermodynamics of powered chnopsology[5] Thims 2015
Biological thermodynamics Thermodynamical study of powered chnopsological things. Thims 2019
Biologist Chnopsologist Thims 2012
Biologist Physico-chemical organismist[6] Thims 2021 (66AE)
Biology Liquid physico-chemistry Stephane Leduc 1910
Biology Chnopsology Thims 2012
Biosphere External energy-supplied CHNOPS matrix terrestrial region Henry Swan 1974
Biosphere Chnops-sphere Thims 2013
Biothermodynamics Chnops-thermodynamics Thims 2013
Birth Aggregation or joining of atoms Leucippus 460BC
Birth Combination or joining of elements Empedocles 445BC
Birth Reaction start Thims 2010
Born Synthesized Thims 2015 (c.)
Carbon-based life Carbon-based biped Arthur Clarke 1980 (c.)
Dead TOT-cypher Goethe 1809
Dead Inanimate Alexander Harvey 1908
Dead Stop moving Baby Rani[7] 2011
Dead Deboundstate existence Thims 2012
Dead No reaction existence Thims 2012
Dead force Potential energy William Rankine 1853
Death Disaggregation of atoms Leucippus 460BC
Death Separation of elements Empedocles 445BC
Death Dissolution of organized matter John Stewart 1794
Death Molecular dissolution Johannes Barandun 1910
Death Reaction end Thims 2010
Die Cease to exist Thomas Jefferson 1775
Die Dis-integrate Paul Aebersold 1949
Die Analyzed Thims 2015 (c.)
Die Deboundstate Thims 2017
Die Destate Thims 2020
Die Extinguished Thims 2021
Died Dereacted Thims 2018 (c.)
Died Destated Thims 2021
Earth-based life forms CHNOPS organisms Harold Morowitz 1968
Extraterrestrial life Extraterrestrial; extraterrestrial being Carl Sagan 1973
Extraterrestrial life Extraterrestrial intelligence Carl Sagan 1973
Human life External sense-stimulated moving powered automaton Nikola Tesla 1900
Kill you End you Matt Damon 1997
Killed himself (herself) Checked out[8] Douglas Stewart 1982
Life Will to power Friedrich Nietzsche 1883
Life Motion resulting from force-born action Nikola Tesla 1915
Life Atomic and molecular motion form Howard Lovecraft 1916
Life Faculty of reaction Rene Lubicz 1949
Life Animate matter Alfred Ubbelohde 1954
Life Energy organization Arthur Clarke 1958
Life Animate molecule [?][9] Thims 2007
Life Animate bound state reactive existence Thims 2007
Life Reaction existence Thims 2010
Life Chemical reaction Jonathan Dowling 2013
Life Animate chnops-ological matter Thims 2013
Life drive Energy in motion Teresa Brennan 2004
Life force Gravito-electromagnetic force Thims 2003 (c.)
Life force Electromagnetic force + gravitational force Thims 2015 (c.)
Life sciences Powered chnopsological sciences Thims 2021
Life thermodynamics Animate thermodynamics Sture Nordholm 1997
Live React Henry Adams 1907
Short-lived Short residence time Thims 2021
Lives Goes Thomas Huxley 1880
Lives Goes[10] Karl Pearson 1892
Lives Reacts Thims 2013
Living CHNOPS+ multi-element energy and heat driven dynamic atomic structure[11] Kalyan Annamalai 2011
Living Animate Thims 2015 (c.)
Living being Affinity-mediated CHON beings Henry Clark 1865
Living being Geared engine worked by the universe Nikola Tesla 1915
Living force Kinetic energy William Thomson 1862
Living matter Animate matter John Stewart 1789
Living matter CHNOPS-based matter Thims 2015 (c.)
Living organism Energy transformer Alfred Lotka 1925
Living perspective CHNOPS perspective Paul Keddy 2007
Living substance CHNOPS+ system Frank Thone 1936
Living system Chnopsological system Thims 2015 (c.)
Living thing Animate thing Alexander Gordon 1664
Living thing Animate thing Gilbert Lewis 1925
Organic life CHON + circumstances Henry Clark 1865
Plant life Green fire Vladimir Vernadsky 1926
Protoplasm CHNOPS entity Edwin Hill 1900
Un-bioethical Endergonic Thims 2015


In 2008 or 2009, during the start of the "biothermodynamics" article, of Hmolpedia 2020, the archived 9 Dec 2009[12] version is shown below, is generally when abioism glossary began to form, specifically with respect to the inability to define "bio" thermodynamically:[2]

Biothermodynamics (9 Dec 2009).png

In 2010, during the construction of the Goethe timeline, the standard existence divisions of a person, namely: "birth", "life", and "death", were upgraded to the physicochemical neutral terms: reaction start, reaction existence, and reaction end, shown bolded above, done as show of respect to Goethe, the first person to actually question these terms, when looked at from the chemical reaction point of view. These were the first three PCN-terms introduced into Hmolpedia.

On 23 Dec 2012, Libb Thims, in the wake of the defunct theory of life debate, started the "life terminology upgrades" page, wherein he began to list historically-employed physico-chemically neutral term-equivalent replacements. Some of these are listed on the "life terminology reform" page.

In mid 66AE (2021), Thims, in the Abioism draft book, began making a fully-categorized abioism glossary.[1]

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