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Cover of Libb Thims' 66AE Abioism: No Thing is Alive, showing a plant sprouting and moving towards sunlight. The book explains how the light-induced "movement" is real, whereas the term "bio", which derives from the number "282", of the solar magic square, is not real.

In famous publications, Abioism: No Thing is Alive, Life Does Not Exist, Terminology Reform, and Concept Upgrade (LH:12) is book on abioism, by Libb Thims, which includes an "Abioism Glossary" (core of book), published on 11 Oct 66AE, on the "exact" day of 66th anniversary since atoms were first seen. Synopsis: "atoms [and humans] are not biological (888/π) things".[1] This is the second English book, since John Stewart's 1790 Moral State of Nations (dated by a Chinese table of eclipses), to employ a "non-Dionysian calendar" dating system, to date the title page "year" of publication.



The book Abioism: No Thing is Alive, is about "de-projection", or what Goethe, in his Elective Affinities (1809), called "de-Narcissism", in coded ciphers. It was, in fact, the first problem Goethe, in his famous "chapter four", dealt with, via character dialogue about, when the Captain, Edward, and Charlotte do some reactions in the laboratory, and reflection on the laboratory reactions in respect to the on-going reactions that are occurring between the three of them, on the estate (retort), at which point the Captain says:

“See these creatures, which seem so dead, and which are yet so full of inward energy and force, at work before your eyes.”
— Johann Goethe (1809), Elective Affinities (§: 1.4) (character: Captain; translator: James Froude, 1854)
The cover of Abioism: No Thing is Alive, was inspired in part by Francis Macnab's[2] 1818 peculiar statement that: "a growing plant is not dead, neither is it alive."[3] Here you will see that what one defines as "alive" or "dead" is a morality-system based definition.

In this one revolutionary sentence, the key terms can be divided as follows:

While this may, on first superficial pass, seem but a trivial semantic problem, we note that James Froude, the first English translator (1854) of Goethe's Elective Affinities, had his book Nemesis of Faith (1849) "burned" in front of students in the moral philosophy class at Oxford, taught by William Sewell , who did burning (after catching a student reading Froude's book), and lost his post his fellowship at Exeter College, Oxford, over the book, just five years prior to doing the Goethe translation, all owing to the logic embedded in this one "seem so dead" sentence (shown above). Two-plus centuries have passed, and the English-speaking world, still trapped by a latent form of dormant Christianity, has yet to catch up, or even begun to wake up, to the coming intellectual tidal wave of Goethe and Froude, to say the least.

In short, in the first years of our existence we are born or taught certain preconceptions about how we think the universe operates, most of which logic is either anthropism-based or religio-mythology based. Thus, we are born "blind", nearly from birth, similar to Odile Alsace, born blind at birth, owing to the biased meanings embedded or ingrained in the words that are spoken to us as a child, which we thereafter take as "truth". To see again, we have to so-called de-Narcissize our minds, so to become "unblind", like Odile Alsace, who had her vision restored at age 12, so see the "true nature" of the universe, instead of our projections of it, as we currently see things. In other words, presently we see the universe the same way Narcissus sees his own reflection in the water. To regain our sight, we have to Odilize (or OTT-lize) our minds to the new reality.

Book launch!

The following shows the 11 Oct 66AE at 888PM (9:28PM) book launch toast for the book A-bio-ism (a-888/π-ism): No Thing is Alive, published on the day of the 66th anniversary of the day that atoms were first seen:

Atoms first seen toast.png
Libb Thims at the 11 Oct 66AE book launch party, after the 888PM toast, poising with his newly-published[4] book Abioism: Life Does Not Exist, No Thing is Alive, Terminology Reform, and Concept Upgrade[1], Thims' second book ever, since Human Chemistry (2007).[5]

The following explains the curious alignment of (a) the day (11th) of the month of discovery of atoms, (b) the number of the year of the anniversary (66th) since atoms were seen, with respect to (c) the fact that the word "bio", the root etymology of "biology" (why people believe they are "alive"), derives isopsephically from the numbers "111" (sum of numbers of one solar magic square row), meaning paideia (παιδεια) or "education", "666" (sum of numbers of six rows of the solar magic square), meaning: "Sol" (among other cyphers), and "888" (sum of numbers of six rows and two diagonals of the solar magic square), which means: "Jesus" (among many other convoluted pre-Roman recension Greek-Egyptian ciphers), and also "bios (282) multiplied by π (3.14)", as defined by the following ratio:

All four numbers (111, 666, 888, and 282) derive form the "solar magic square" (shown above). For those who don't know what solar magic squares are, the film Tenet, the highest-grossing film of 2020 (65AE), is based on the Sator square, which is a phoenix (or benben) based solar magic square.

The day Erwin Muller saw "atoms", on 11 Oct 66 AE (1955 ACM), thus coincides, numerically, with the etymology of the word "bio" (888/π) or 282. In sum:

In short, when one attempts to carry the term "bio" (888/π) down to the molecular and or "atom" (proton, neutron, and electron) level, you get Lotkean jabberwock as the result. This is why Francis Crick cogently advised: "we should abandon the world alive." (Of Molecules and Men, 1966).

Note: while the book Abioism was "officially" published on 11 Oct 66AE, meaning the files were uploaded on this date (a few hours before the book launch party), which is the modern way book publication dates are assigned, the upload done on the 66th anniversary of atoms first seen, the book itself will not be available in Amazon, and other retail outlets, for another 4 to 6 weeks. The book is 218-pages in length. The paperback, black-and-white text and photos, version, at cost of $20 USD, is the version being published currently. A hardcover version, with color photos (as seen in the pdf)[1], will be available later.


In 2002, Libb Thims, in his draft chapter "What Happens When You Die?", of his then thousand-page manuscript Human Thermodynamics, calculated a 26-element "human molecular formula".

In 2005, Thims, via the website HumanThermodynamics.com, published an online "molecular evolution table", showing "form" change, hydrogen to human, each row defined by a new extra-element molecular formula and species.

In 2007, Thims published the §5 chapter "Molecular Evolution", in his two-volume Human Chemistry, wherein the then scientific "standard model" of aspartic acid (C4H7O4N) being "not alive", but RNA (C10H12O6N5P) being "alive", and coenzyme A (C21H36O16N7P3S) being "more alive", was classified as "backwards clearly ridiculous logic". A decade of "defunct theory of life debates" erupted to follow.

In 2015, Thims coined the term "abioism".

Thims' Abioism: No Thing is Alive, showing the new BE/AE dating system on the spine, the title page dated to "66 AE".

On 21 Sep 66AE (2021AD), Thims took the following photo, showing the first author review copy of Abioism, below volume one of Thims' Human Chemistry, illustrating how it took 14-years to go from a 2007 "Molecular Evolution" chapter to a 66AE Abioism book:

Abioism (14 years).png

In short, it took fourteen years to go from four-words: "backwards clearly ridiculous logic" to a 200+ page book elaboration on these four words. The hand calculator shown, a Texas Instruments model TI-85, the same calculator used by Thims as he calculated his way through a BS in chemical engineering and a BS in electrical engineering in the 1990s, at the University of Michigan, finishing in the top 8% of his class (calculated with the same TI-85), is what Thims presently uses to re-date all of the 1,400+ existographies of Hmolpedia into the new Anno Elementum dating system years.[6]

Publication date

On 11 Oct 66AE (2021AD), Libb Thims published Abioism: No Thing is Alive, Life Does Not Exist, Terminology Reform, and Concept Upgrade, on the 66th anniversary of the day atoms were first seen.[1]

The book gives a summary of the defunct theory of life debate, historically, Jean Fernel (1548) to Michael Brooks (2008), and modern debate, through the coining of the term "abioism" (Thims, 2015) up to the video interview dialogue between Thims and Arshad Beg (2019), in Pakistan, on the question of "life start point", in respect to the physico-chemical view of things.[1]

This summary includes focus on life terminology reform, centered around the "abioism glossary", and a general conceptual upgrade for the mind, in respect to the new "post life/nonlife" view of the movement of things, in respect to "matter and motion" theory.

Title page | Date

The 9 Oct 66AE promo video for the 888PM 11 Oct 66AE Abioism book launch.

The following is a 21 Sep 66AE (2021AD) pre-publication screenshot of the title page of Abioism, showing a publication date of 11 Oct 66AE:

Abioism (title page).png

This will be the second English book, since John Stewart's Moral Motion, dated by Stewart, following his travels to China, as published in the year 5000 Retrospective Knowledge (RK), to employ a non-Dionysian calendar dating system. In respect to coded numerology[7], shown on the title page, which is involved, we note that in respect to 3.14 (or 314), or 3 times 14 (equals 42 [nomes of Egypt]), this will be the first book published by Thims in 14-years, since his 2007 Human Chemistry.[8]


The following are related quotes:

“A person who [publishes multitudes of books] must spread his message rather thin.”
Willard Gibbs (c.1899), comment to Edwin Wilson (student) about a shelf of uncut books, sent to him by some author
“On 11 Oct 66 AE, at the 66th anniversary of the day humans first saw atoms, I will publish Abioism: No Thing is Alive, on the Defunct Theory of Life, and Life Does Not Exist, the first book with its title page dated with the new secular-scientific Anno Elementum (BE/AE) dating system, wherein I will show how the numbers 111 and 666, of the solar magic square, yield the number ‘282’, the isopsephy value of the Greek word βιος (Bios), and the diameter of the circle with a circumference of 888 [8-hours and 88-min PM (9:28PM)], which is the isopsephy value of the Greek word Ιησους (Jesus), and hence a myth and magic based number; therein explaining how humans are not alive, because atoms are not alive, per reason that the word ‘alive’ etymologically derives from the ‘vis of Venus’, the Latin rescript of the Greek 282 myth, which itself is of Egyptian religio-mythology origin, namely the rescript of the ankh of Hathor model, which itself is based on an older pre-dynastic astro-theology motif of the sun, conceptually, being reborn after passing through the Milky Way.”
Libb Thims (66AE), “mental thought”, arisen during short nap, after 2-mile run, Aug 19

End matter


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