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A summary of the cypher that Theta, symbol "Θ", representative of the Egyptian sun god, has a numerical value of "nine" (9), which is code for the Egyptian Ennead, the nine-god solar family of Heliopolis.

In numbers, 9 is the symbol, in the English numerical system, of the number of total digits on a pair of human hands, less one finger.


Theta Θ | 9

The Theta “Θ”, the 9th letter of the Greek alphabet, a symbol derived from the Egyptian sun god symbol, of a circle with either a dot or cross inside, having a numerical value of nine, the numerical value being a coded cypher symbolism of the nine gods of the Heliopolis Ennead, who in some versions of the Osiris myth, judged whether Horus or Set should inherit Egypt.[1] The patriarch of the Ennead is the sun god Ra, or Ra-Atum in later syncretism versions, the supreme sun god of Egypt.

318 | Helios

The word "Theta", itself, is also coded via the fact that it has a gematria value of "318", which is the fractional representation of the inverse of π or 3.14151 ...

The gematria value of the word "Bible" is "314", the first three digits of π. The number "318" is also the gematria value of Helios, the name of the Greek sun god.

A circle with a diameter of 318.318 units, according to the formula C = 2πr , has a circumference of 1000:[2]

The significance of a circle with a circumference of 1000 is that the Greeks equated it with the divine solar monad or perfect unity.[3]

Theos | Theology | Thermo-Dynamics

The Greek letter “Θ” is pronounced “Th-”, as is found common to the root etymologies of: Theos (god), Theology (study of gods), Theogony (generation of gods), Thermal (heat), thermometer (heat measuring device), and thermodynamics (science of heat, work, energy, and power).

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