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A basic diagram of the Abrahamic religions, showing the generations from Adam to Jesus, amid which the number of generations between Abraham and Jesus is set at 42 generations, to match the 42 nome gods of Egypt (and the 42 negative confessions), a number is based on the 3 x 14 = 42 motif or pi-logic (3.14) of mathematics.

In religio-mythology, 42 generations refers to []


42 Nomes

The significance of the number "42" is that it refers to the number of nomes or "states" (akin to how America has 50 states) at the time of the formation of first dynasty of ancient Egypt, namely: 22 Upper Egypt + 20 Lower Egypt.[1] Each nome, or state, had a "nome god", each of which, throughout the course of the Egyptian dynasty, was thought to preside over the weighing of the soul, in the Judgment Hall of the afterlife, as shown below:

Judgment Hall (42 nome gods) 2.png

Accordingly, the weight of the "soul" was determined by sum of the weight of 42 "negative confessions".

David | 14

In the Bible (Matthew 1:17), gematria equivalent of David’s name is "14", i.e. D + W + D = 4 + 6 + 4, which firstly means that "David" is not a real person. Secondly, it is code for the fact that the genealogy of Jesus, of 42 generations between between Abraham and Jesus, is divided into three sets of fourteen generations, aka 3 times 14 or a pi (3.14) themed divide.[2]


In the Matthew lineage, of note, we see a cleaver “god reduction” technique, wherein the previous 42 nome gods, one for each state capital of Egypt, who presided over the weighing of the soul of the dead in the Judgment Hall, between Ra and Osiris, became the 42 descendants between Abraham and Jesus, thereby acting to reduce 44 gods to one god man.

The following diagram shows the 42 generations from Abraham to Jesus:[3]

42 generations.png


The following are related quotes:

“The learned have also been much tormented by the difference between the two genealogies of Jesus Christ. St. Matthew makes Joseph the son of Jacob, Jacob of Matthan, Matthan of Eleazar [Matt. 1:16-17]. St. Luke, on the contrary, says that Joseph was the son of Heli, Heli of Matthat, Matthat of Levi, Levi of Melchi, etc. [Luke 3:24] They will not reconcile the fifty-six progenitors up to Abraham, given to Jesus by Luke, with the forty-two other forefathers up to the same Abraham, given him by Matthew; and they are quite staggered by Matthew’s giving only forty-one generations, while he speaks of forty-two.”
Voltaire (1764), Philosophical Dictionary (§:Christianity)

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